Becoming A Woman Of Wisdom: It’s Just That Simple

Becoming A Woman Of Wisdom: It’s Just that Simple

Interview with Madeline MiMi Roberts

In this episode of Faith and Family Fellowship, Dallas and Marcelle interview, Madeline MiMi Roberts, author of, “Becoming A Woman Of Wisdom: It’s Just that Simple”.

About the Book:
I pray that you have gained a deeper understanding of the simplicity of connecting with God. There is a quote, “Scripture is like a river . . . broad and deep, shallow enough for the lamb to go wading, but deep enough for the elephant to swim.” Grateful to the Dead. It’s just that simple don’t over complicate it. The scriptures will meet you where you are. Keep in mind that becoming a woman of wisdom is a work in progress; as I define it, the definition is growing daily using your God-given wisdom in every situation of your life. Enjoy each new day, celebrate life, and don’t stop until the vision comes to fruition.

About the Author:
Madeline Marie Roberts affectionately referred to as “MiMi,” was born and raised in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!). She has had the incredible privilege of traveling the world, and her career has landed her in the sunshine state of Florida. MiMi is a woman of many titles. By profession, she is a successful Customer Experience Manager. She is also an ordained minister and a life coach. Of all the hats that she wears, mother, grandmother, and wife are the titles she holds near and dear. MiMi has truly embraced the importance of family, and her nurturing spirit has in many ways fueled her passion for helping others.

MiMi is the founder of Women of Wisdom, a ministry of Development in Progress Inc.; created May 1, 2009, with the sole purpose of empowering and encouraging women to live an abundant life. With its daily messages and lessons of hope, the ministry has grown to a membership of over 1,000 women worldwide.

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