Grandpa’s Last Gift

Grandpa’s Last Gift: A heartwarming tale of an extraordinary life, a writer who has lost his way, and the journey to find love

Interview with Sonya Tucker-Poindexter

In this episode of Faith and Family Fellowship, Dallas interviews Sonya Tucker-Poindexter, author of “Grandpa’s Last Gift”.

About the Book:
Amazing stories are shared throughout generations. Stories of miraculous healings, out-of-body experiences, spiritual voices and visions are nothing new in the faith community. When Pastor Tucker passes away, no one is more surprised by these revelations than his granddaughter. Hazel Grace, a college senior, mourns her grandfather. When she learns that his bible and last sermon, with a name she doesn’t recognize is left for her, sadness turns to curiosity. She suspects there’s a story to tell and she’s supposed to find it.

Zachary Stone is a down on his luck ghostwriter who could use a break. After growing up with a deadbeat drunk as a father, he doesn’t believe in God, Christianity or anything else. Hazel is convinced Zachary’s not the right person to tell her grandfather’s story, but she wants to fulfill her grandfather’s wish, and Zachary needs a paycheck.

As they peel back the layers of Pastor Tucker’s life, Hazel and Zachary start to find love and redemption, one amazing story at a time. Can Zachary escape his demons and find a path forward with Hazel or will the strain of past mistakes and doubts stand in their way?

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