Painfully Broken Yet Beautifully Redeemed

Painfully Broken Yet Beautifully Redeemed

Interview with Angela Rodgers

In this episode of Faith and Family Fellowship, Dallas interviews Angela Rodgers, author of, “Painfully Broken Yet Beautifully Redeemed”.

About the Book:
Painfully Broken Yet Beautifully Redeemed gives practical guidance to help break the Destruction of the cycle of Grief and Faith. This book is a true story of the life of the writer and her family. It begins with what was a Non-faith-based approach to how she handled the Grief of her stepson Jacob’s murder, which was one of the roots of destruction in the home. Angela then explains a Biblical version of the same grief when she got the opportunity to have what she calls a Do-over when she loses yet another child named Jarred just 2091 days later. It is all here in this trying, sad and eye-opening exploration of the biblical principles on parenting, grief and how to live again after loss. This book can help make families function as God intended for them to function, even thru the tragedy of death.

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