Running Laps

Interview with J. Calvin Tibbs

In this episode of Faith and Family Fellowship, Dallas interviews, J. Calvin Tibbs, author of, “Running Laps”.

About the Book:
Running LAPS is a book about helping Christian Leaders and Believers Level Up as disciples. LAPS helps spiritual content come to life by asking the four questions that kickstart spiritual awareness. 

About the Author:

J. Calvin Tibbs is the pastor of Kingdom Dominion Church and holds a Doctorate in ministry from South University. He is a husband of 37 years, a father of 3, and a grandparent of 2.

He wrote this book as a response to Jesus’ Great Commission command. He is curious to see what will happen when scores of Christian leaders and believers level up their discipleship duties by Running LAPS.

As a self-proclaimed, fully functioning member of the Body of Christ, Tibbs is passionate about helping people find and walk in their purpose, which includes spiritual and financial growth both in family and in community. 

For more information, you can connect with J. Calvin Tibbs at and You can also find him on the following social media channels:

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