The Lord Who Answers by Fire

Interview with Olabisi A Davis

In this episode of Faith and Family Fellowship, Dallas interviews Olabisi A Davis, author of, “The Lord Who Answers by Fire: Principles and Life-Changing Prayers that Move the Hands of God”.

About the Book:
Let the God who answers by fire proves himself in your life!

With all the chaos happening around the world, this is the time to build a deeper relationship with God. We need a prayer life that gives us direct access to the storehouses of God, I mean quick and fast answers to whatever prayers we prayed. When you master the ten principles of a powerful prayer life outlined in this book, using this prayer book will be truly life-changing. This book is for you if you need Almighty God to open the windows of heaven and continually pour out blessings that will put you and anyone who knows you in awe. Our God is not a liar; therefore, all his promises for your life must surely come to pass as you pray fervently.

The prayers in this book will prompt the release of the power of God upon your life.

The power of God will open the windows of heaven for you to secure your breakthrough.

You will receive deliverance from the power of demonic forces.

You will step into the freedom of financial abundance.

You will receive open heaven and emerge into the winners circle.

You will be victorious in every area of your life, for the battle is not yours but belongs to the Lord.

About the Author:
Olabisi A. Davis was born in August 1955. She is a writer and a music lover who specializes in writing song lyrics and movie scripts. She also has a unique gift of praying and writing powerful and life-changing prayers. Her love for writing started when she was forty years old. She has since written over two hundred songs, four movies, and one prayer book. The Lord Who Answers by Fire is her first published prayer book.

As a devoted Christian and prayer warrior, she believes that through prayers, we can experience the impossible and get instant answers to our prayers if we follow the ten simple principles that she shared in her book.

Olabisi Davis is a cofounder of Biz Center Virtual Office LLP, a business hub and event center based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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